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    SAMPAR is the ultimate urban cosmetics brand. Inventive, innovative and glamorous, SAMPAR dares the "double action" unique promise: immediate visible results paired with a long term clinically proven efficacy. Dedicated to discerning women looking for smart products, SAMPAR takes skincare to a higher level of performance, enriching its groundbreaking formulas with an exclusive complex: Urban Advance. This powerful antioxidant and anti-pollution shield protects, revitalizes and soothes to bring skin back to a state of equilibrium, allowing the active ingredients in every product to perform even more effectively.
    If you have been tempted by their French chic look but haven’t tried them yet, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. So Nice beauty experts will help you choose the right products for your skin type.


    Daniel Phélippeau, founder of the group that carries his name created LABIOMER in 1985 with the vision to offer the very best of the sea and its magnificent benefits for health and beauty.

    In 2004 Stéphanie Phélippeau developed the range of products that have been used over the past 10 years in thalassotherapy centers along the famous Brittany coast in prime resorts including Bénodet, Les Sables d’Olonne and Ile de Ré.

    Labiomer's key ingredient is seaweed that is harvested at the very tip of Brittany in a certified marine park, one of the largest, natural and protected seaweed “fields” in the world that counts over 800 varieties!

    The active marine ingredients, including the seaweeds are proven to be the most effective therapeutic method of healing for improving health and beauty. The seaweed extracts also hydrate, nourish, soothes as well as being a pretty amazing anti-ageing treatment that replenish the skin and boost skin cells.

    Incorporate thalassotherapy spa treatments into your daily routine with LABIOMER premium products for face and body. Shop them exclusively at So Nice!   


    Arval’s multidisciplinary team consists of chemical engineers, formulation engineers, pharmacists and laboratory technicians. The company is a center for innovation which monitors market trends remaining at the forefront of cosmetic technology, via extensive research into a very wide range of skincare formats.

    Their solaire lines protect from the dangers of sun’s rays using specific stimulators of melanin and soothing plant extracts, in combination with solar filters selected to provide a consistent and effective protection. The result is a healthy, luminous, quickly tanned skin.


    From NYC to Paris, Moscow or Sydney… Juliette intrigues the world. Armed with her perfume, the Shakespearean heroine goes wild. Life is too short, and pleasures too many, says Juliette. The Gun, metaphor for the perfume, weapon of seduction, or simple accessory of bluff, essentially symbolizes the liberation of women towards men. And sometimes with a taste for revenge… But the concept is also influenced by romantism. These fragrances embody the spirit of female freedom in a range of intoxicating scents.

    Launched in 2006, the brand's philosophy is to approach perfumery as an art and to be present only through a limited distribution such as concept stores, department stores or specialized perfumeries.


    Isn't it the contact with our skin that makes a perfume react in an absolutely personal way? Isn't this the seductive power of chemistry?
    Oneofthose is the first fragrance collection by Fluidounce, a perfume house located in Parma. The project avails itself of an original and captivating interpretation by master perfumers Caron, Lie, Fischer and Bonneville, who composed elements/fragrances inspired by the origin of the cosmos.

    Oneofthose is an olfactory design project strongly iconic for the packaging: an hermetic polystyrene shell which must be broken to reach the bottle. An external silent, rigorous, neutral packaging that takes on a unique and identifying shape when opened. Which element are you?


    The Eve & Daphnée perfume house was built on extraordinary encounters. Driven by a unique vision, it strives to respect mankind and the environment in order to become part of an inspiring, sustainable way of life. Eve & Daphné fragrances have entrusted the famous perfumer Delphine Thierry with giving shape to their creative intuition. Thanks to her talent and sensitivity she has succeeded in creating natural fragrances with stunning presence.

    The fragrances for men and women bring a unique experience in which every skin vibrates to its own magic and despite the use of natural ingredients, composition is long lasting and leaves a delicate, yet elegant trail. Treat yourself with an exceptional scent experience!

  • VOYA

    Voya is the world's first certified organic skincare worldwide.
    As a truly niche brand it's focused on creating genuinely organic, seaweed-based products and spa treatments. VOYA offers luxury results-driven, award winning products, based on the highest-quality botanical ingredients and aromatherapy oils. They combine the purest ingredients with ancient traditions and sustainable processes to create a range of products and treatments that achieve exceptional results. VOYA products contain as much organic ingredients as possible and the company voluntarily submit their products to be certified by both the Soil Association COMOS and the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association (IOFGA).


    This British luxury beauty brand is famous for its anti-ageing skin/hair care products and state-of-the-art salon treatments. Carol Joy London attributes its success to the best of Switzerland’s manufacturing and Germany’s pioneering technology coupled with the unquestionably British drive for excellence that formed the brand’s foundations. Coveted ingredients like refined golden millet oil, medically derived pure collagen, precious caviar algae and 24 carat gold play central roles in products and services. Having launched the world’s first pure collagen spray, Carol Joy London has cemented itself as an industry leader in Pure Collagen technology.


    When the legendary curative properties of Hungary's thermal water combined with the hi-tech innovation in a Nobel Prize-winning laboratory, the result was Omorovicza's game-changing products.

    Stephen and Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza have been producing award-winning skincare cosmetics since 2006. All Omorovicza products are powered by a potent blend of Hungary’s mineral-rich healing waters and their patented Healing Concentrate™ delivery system combined with the finest vitamins, essential oils and other natural ingredients sourced from across the globe, from the bed of Lake Heviz to the peak of the Andes Mountains.

    Omorovicza uses high- performance, naturally derived alternatives to commonly used synthetics, all the products are paraben and silicone free, ensuring the Omorovicza experience is one of total luxury and maximum efficacy. Products are fragranced with natural scents crafted in Grasse, the heart of the perfume industry.

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