A fluffy scent as comfortable and unfussy as your favorite old pair of jeans… as appropriate at work as on a casual date. A dreamy and nostalgic smell of comfy notes, laying on a silky base of creamy musk.

« Following Vanilla Vibes, I find myself facing once again another Giant of perfumery: Musk.
Ultimate bottom note in the perfumer’s palette, my challenge here was to preserve its addictive and silky properties while trying to keep them alive on top.
The result is a light, soapy composition, with a whisper of Cotton flower and Jasmine absolute...
Although they can seem rather blurred or muted, this is part of where the trick lies….
Musc Invisible is not particularly sophisticated or inventive…it actually smells so generic that I think no one could really dislike it...
I would describe Musc Invisible as a lovely, sensual creature, oddly reminding me of the smell of a clean skin… just starting to sweat…»

Romano Ricci

Top notes: Jasmine Absolute
Heart notes: Cotton Flower
Bottom notes: White Musk
Olfactive family: Powdery Musk